Message from President

always continues to progress to meet
changes and needs of the times

 With the core technology of a sublimation dyeing technique, our company works on various product development and sales. We have evolved to be a marketing and a tool production/sales company that has eight agency networks in five different countries.

 In 2001, the times changed from an age of mass production to an age of small lot multi-production, and it had resulted in the need for a higher quantity and quality of fiber. However, it was difficult to express a color or a letter in detail by using previous dyeing technologies. Therefore, we focused on a dyeing technique using sublimation and continued our research to establish a technique that could print on various synthetic fibers. With this new dyeing technique, we initially had some difficulties in obtaining the exact colors we wanted; the colors changed depending on the way the ink flowed, and on the crimping temperature and time. Now, we can say that the most important factor is the methodology of ink output, but it was not clear whether it was ink or paper or machine at that time. Wide-ranging challenges had been overcome.

 Based on this technique, we entered the glasses industry as the first step and we started sublimation transfer printing to “eyeglass cleaning clothes” made from microfiber. Because the microfiber was made of ultra-fine fiber, It does not fulfill the function of the cloth in the conventional printing methods; at the time, most of the cloth remained plain. However, more delicate print expression became possible through our technique.

 Eventually, the age of cellphones arrived. Screen cleaners which were tied to cellphones as a strap accessory was already available. However as professionals in the field of fiber, we developed a portable and reusable mobile cleaner that could be stuck and peeled off of cellphones again and again while remaining its adherence to devices. This became the model of our main product “Pita Clean.” Our “Pita Clean” can support small lot production and also meet the high demand for quality design. Also, it is used as a novelty product and an advertisement good for branding of companies around the world.

 We always strive to improve the sublimation dyeing technique as our company’s core technology, and we will continue to develop products that meet society’s changing needs. Many inferior quality imitations are sold in the world, but we are confident that only our company can provide high quality products which are supported by outstanding dyeing technology and adhesion technology.

 Rakupuri, Inc. always continues to progress to meet changes and needs of the times。Our products would not only remain in a simple novelty domain. We are developing the next generation marketing support tool by combining AR (Augmented Reality) and other IT technology.

Our company will continue to evolve; we appreciate your kind patronage.

Mieko Amano