What is material is used in Pita Clean?
The product’s surface consists of microfiber (polyester/nylon) which is capable of wiping and the back side is made of acrylic adsorbent materials.
※ In addition to the foam adsorption materials, the adhesive side is composed of two types of re-attachment adhesion materials (urethane adhesive coating) and strong adsorption materials (urethane adhesive mixed acrylic form). A piece of paper which is permanently pressed on the cleaning side forms the mount.
How many times can the Pita Clean be used?
With proper care, the wiping side and adhesive can be used long-term. When the wiping side becomes dirty with grease or dirt, and the adhesive side becomes unsticky due to dust, you can remove the product and wash with water and mild soap to fully restore their properties.
What kind of sizes and shapes of Pita Clean are available? Can you develop a custom shape cleaner?
The cleaner has 7 ready-made models of 30 kinds. At a separate cost, we can develop a custom cleaner based on your requirement, and by laser cut process with additional cost.
As for the mount, basic types are the size of a business card (55*91mm).
How is it packaged?
In the case of Pita Clean, a cleaning fabric is pasted on a mount using a permanent pressing machine and placed in OPP bags for individual packaging. This becomes the finished product. For the business card sized items, there are 100 in a box (the smallest packaging). We put the requested amount in a cardboard box to be shipped.

From an estimate to delivery of goods

How can I request an estimate?
We can provide an estimate if you can tell us the desired quantity, size, shape, and expected delivery date of the cleaner products. Communication is possible over the phone or via e-mail. Alternatively, we can propose the best options for you if you give us a budget we can work with.
Does the cost differ between single color and full color products?
The number of colors does not change the price of the cleaner
※ As for the mount, the price changes depending on conditions such as the characteristic designated print of the print method and whether one side or both sides are printed in full color.
What kind of form should be submitted for the data for printing? In addition, how should I send the data?
Please produce your data using Adobe Illustrator, with the embedded working image data and outline of the text document saved in the file format “AI” or “EPS”. We have templates for both the imaging data and the cleaner mount.
Please send the data for production by e-mail or by data services to our e-mail address. Or else please send the data which you saved in a CD and USB.
※ We ask to send a ‘JPG’ or ‘PDF’ copy of the production data together with the production data, to ensure we receive the correct data.
※ For detailed procedures of sending data and creating the data, ◆ please take a look at the design-making guide.
How long does delivery take?
In the case of 1,000 (cleaner size S/A/B type) products, the items are shipped in 7 business days. The first business day is the day after the order was communicated for final proofreading.
※ There are exceptions, such as some local areas including Hokkaido, the Kyushu district, Okinawa and some remote islands.
How much does the postage cost?
It is free when a delivery destination is a single place. In case of multiple delivery destinations, there is a fee charged starting from the second delivery destination.


Can I request design production?
We accept design requests at separate costs.
In the case of a product besides Pita Clean, what should I do?
Regarding Sala Clean and Promo-AR, if you request for details separately, we can reply to your request.