A major drink manufacturer(Pita Clean)

Background to Introduction

A major drink manufacturer

A representative from the major drink manufacturer

We sold various novelty products by attaching them to plastic bottles.
In recent years we were looking for novelty products for smartphones which are in increasingly widespread in use. We discovered Pita Clean and introduced it in our new product releases.


The purpose is to have customers remember our company's logo and brand name more deeply by having Pita Clean on the customer's cell-phone.

Result of the project and future prospects

Until now, a strap-shaped key holder was the most widely used product for mobile cleaning. However, Pita Clean attracted many customers with its effective use as a cleaner and its excellent design. It was unique and contributed to increase in sales of the new products. We are looking for more ways that will bring a higher marketing effect such as the redirection to a campaign site on smartphone showing a short animation and movies using the next-generation Pita Clean that incorporates IT technology including QR cord and AR function.