Vocational school(Pita Clean)

Background to Introduction

Vocational school

A representative from the vocational school

We tried to leave impression on students who visit our annual open campus event with our novelty products, and we decided to introduce the Pita Clean at this time.


Most students who came to the Open campus event owns a smartphone. We initially considered a strap-type cleaner, but almost all current smartphones do not allow for a strap to be attached. Pita Clean can be attached to any surface of current smartphone and Pita Clean is practical. This point became the decisive factor in its selection. We think that Pita Clean will help with branding for your school and promotes more application to the school by having students put the emblem of the school on their smartphones.

Result of the project and future prospects

The students of younger generation such as from late teens to early twenties use the smartphone frequently. So, we provided the Pita Clean immediately to paste to their mobile phone. We had many application from many students compared to last year, probably because they pasted the Pita Clean in their mobile phone. In addition, due to its originality and attractiveness of Pita Clean, the recognition of the school improved. And in the future, the latest technology such as AR functions will be incorporated and will let students access school guidance movie.