A major communication service provider(Pita Clean+AR)

Background to Introduction

A major communication service provider

A representative of the major communication service provider

Our company provides rental Wi-Fi for people going overseas for personal or business travels.

We usually conduct lectures in the support center on how to use the product. The major reason why we introduced Pita Clean and AR at this time was because it is an innovative product which allows for instructional lectures to be watched by simply using your smartphone.


Most tourists and business workers from foreign countries use smartphones and we utilize them for branding by attaching the Pita Clean with the company's brand or logo on their mobile phones. Besides, by using AR technology, it led to improvements of customer satisfaction by exposing customers to service contents or instructional videos. Furthermore, it can be spread by using sharing the information which was read by AR to SNS. It was an important point for considering the introduction this time.

Result of the project and future prospects

There were complaints of about difficulty to understand how-to-use even after looking at the "FAQ" pages. However, the instructional videos provided by using Pita Clean and AR technology is popular and and as a result has led to improvements in customer satisfaction. The spread of information from SNS is effective. We received many orders and are very satisfied. We are incorporating AR contents that are adapted for various countries and wish to deploy them it in the future.