A toy manufacturer(Sala Clean)

Background to Introduction

A toy manufacturer

A representative of the toy manufacturer

During our open-factory tours every summer holidays, we present our novelty products to guests. However, in more recent years we looked for something that could be used by portable game players and mobile phones which children bring and that which allows neat printing of logos and characters.


We distributed Sala Clean featuring trains and special characters to visiting children. The most decisive factor of introduction was the fact that the product allows printing of characters while allowing to be used as a wiping sheet on the printed side.

Result of the project and future prospects

Children who visited and received Sala Clean used them to wipe the LCD screen of game consoles or mobile phones and expressed complete satisfaction immediately at resulting neatness. In addition, this Sala Clean became a hot topic and had a greater-than-expected visitor attendance through summer vacation and the event was a great success. Sara Clean is very effective as a sales promotion and branding tool, using it as a novelty good.