Pita Clean(An adhesive-type LCD screen cleaner)


Features and Advantages

Pita Clean is a cell-phone LCD cleaner which is capable of attaching to the back side of a smartphone and a cell-phone, and can be removed and reattached over and over again.

Prior mobile LCD screen cleaners were the types which where connected to the device via a strap-strings. Pita Clean sticks on the surfaces of smartphones and cellphones through adhesive technology. Pita Clean enables you to carry them around without being bulky.
Therefore, the effectiveness of advertising is remarkable because people can see the designed Pita Clean whenever then use a smartphone or cellphone.

Customer’s original Pita Clean products can be produced tailored to the customer needs and budget. Pita Clean uses sublimation dyeing technology that enables full color printing with low cost. Customers can select the type of adhesive technology. Use of a large variety of templates in combination with laser cut processing methodology allows production from small lot to large lot sizes.
Therefore it serves as a very effective branding tool and novelty products. In addition, it is also useful for designing various products for sale in a specific brand shop.

In this way, a innovative and new mobile cleaner that can stick to devices, Pita Clean is usable as a sales promotion and branding tool & sale product for many companies as a marketing tool. There are so many ideas that can be advertised by using Pita Clean, such as the promotion of new products, attaching on a business card, or QR code including marketing tool.

Examples of use

  • Use for publicity and campaigning for companies and various manufacturers.
  • As sales promotion and novelty goods for shops, to increase revenues.
  • As educational materials and souvenir of public organizations and associations
  • For publicity of movies and various events
  • As custom-branded products