Promo-AR(Able to advertise 3DCG or movie with AR technology)


Features and Advantages

We propose using Promo AR (Promo-AR) our own AR app as marketing and promotion tools. AR is “augmented reality”. AR superimposes virtual images and movies (such as animated or 3DCG) on top of one another in real time, a specialized technique that can show things that do not exist in reality. The process involves sublimation dyeing prints such as Pita Clean when putting things together.

You can appealing to customers via videos by combining the AR application, which specializes as a marketing and promotion tool, with the usual PR of product or characters using paper. In conjunction with 3DCG and by integrating this with website effects, Pita Clean and Promo AR provide various advertising capabilities.

Examples of uses

  • As video instructions manual for manufacturing company on how to use their products
  • As a video product instruction tool to show menu of various products in retail shops
  • As a tool to increase page views of associated event, campaign and coupon websites
  • As a tool for movie promotions, and other various events to introduce new characters
  • As an analysis tool for product development and understanding of target segments for manufactures, firms, and retail stores