Sala Clean("LCD screen," "lens," and "glasses" cleaner)

Sala Clean

Features and Advantages

Sala Clean is a “LCD screen,” “lens,” and “glasses” cleaner that can be used with various items including glasses, smartphones, cellphones, clocks, various metals, and so on.

Unlike Pita Clean, Sala Clearn uses super extra-fine fiber cloth on both sides of the fabric. However, just as with Sala Clean, Pita Clean can wipe any surface without damaging the product, even with a print on the wiping side. Because of the sublimation dyeing technology used to print images on the surface, the surface of the wiping side is not damaged in texture and does not impair performance of the cloth.

Sala Clean is made of high efficiency cloth, super extra-fine fiber that can wipe off fingerprints, oil, dirt, and more without the use of chemicals or detergents. Its wiping performance does not change no matter how many times it is washed and reused.
It is also distinguished for its effectiveness in advertising when used as a marketing tool because you can use it without the cloth being discolored, even after multiple washes, due to the innovative sublimation dyeing technique.

Examples of uses

  • Use for publicity and campaigning for companies and various manufacturers.
  • As sales promotion and novelty goods for shops, to increase revenues.
  • As educational materials and souvenir of public organizations and associations
  • For publicity of movies and various events
  • As custom products to be sold by companies and brands

Function and Specifications


Cloth: Micro fiber (70% polyester, nylon 30%)
Demolding processing: Wave form demolding processing
Print: Sublimation print
Size: ① 55*91mm (business card size type) / ② 90*150mm / ③ 90mm square / ④ 120mm square / ⑤ 150mm square /
⑥ 170mm square / ⑦ 200mm square
Product Configuration: Entering cloth + mount +OPP bag
Option: There is a pointy wave form demolding processing in only 200mm
Demolding die-cut, made to order ※ Needs additional Demolding die-cut production made to order fee
Double-sided print processing (thick cloth use-limited)サラックリーン機能と仕様