●Tell us the product name, size, design, quantity, actual sample, if card is needed, inform us the print type of marketing card as well as necessity of proof approval and desired shipping date(FOB Tokyo).

・Complete data shall be submitted by customers for production.

※ Set up (dye sublimation color arrangement) charge occurs for each order (design data)

・We accept design material, text document, rough design or handwritten document provided by customer to create the design by charging certain amount of cost.

※ Charges fluctuate according to the content of submitted data.

・PitaClean has cavity dies for most standard shapes and sizes but there will be separate charge for new custom cavity die.

・Charges may occur to samples according to sample confirmation method, product type, ordered item and quantity.

※ We provide free samples for order which more than 1000 pieces but certain amount of fee will be charged for the sample with order of less than 1000pieces.

※ we provide standard PitaClean sample which is printed with color copy composite machine, attached to dummy marketing card in order to give an image of the finished product to customer. Usually customers are required to check the marketing card data For more precise color development, we also provide color proof sample with separate charge.

・Shipping charge is based on FOB Tokyo.

● Our sales representative will reply your quote request within 3 business days.

● After verified the price, lead time, payment method, please contact our sales representative who stated in the quote, then submit the design data for production.

Production of sample or mass production will proceed when there is no problem with the design data.

・Submission of design data: Please confirm the outlined font and linked image before submit the design data(.ai).(compatible till CS6)

※Please also attach referable sample data in PDF format or JPEG format when submitting the design data.

・Color specification: Please submit the working design data together with PANTONE for the request of color specification.

※Marketing card that comes together with PitaClean is printed with On-demand printing method and basically could not specify the spot color or color matching. We do provide printer’s proof by using offset printing meth-od with separate charge.

※Dye Sublimation Printing is a printing method applicable on fabric (polyester base), which is totally different in material and method with marketing card printing. Please understand that it might be difficult to obtain the exact color with both PitaClean and Marketing card.

・please be noticed that full payment needs to be settled and confirmed by us for the first trade before the beginning of the production. As long as no confirmation of the payment, we will not begin with the production even though we have received the design data.

● Production process will begin soon after received confirmation call based on the verification of actual sample picture or production design data.

・Contact of approval received until 15:00(GMT+9:00),the mass production will be started on the same day, and it would be counted as one day of the des-ignated lead time.

・Contact of approval received after 15:00(GMT+9:00), the following day should be counted as the first day of production date.

●Goods will be shipped according to the designated date which stated on the quotation.

・ However, without contact of proof approval from customers, the shipment date will be postponed based on Rakupuri’s calendar as well as depends on the period of delay from customers. Furthermore, extra charge occurs if the goods needed to be shipped on designated shipping date.